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Terry Swejkoski

Please accept our apology for re-sending this review to those that are "consciously" following the Article Submission rules as detailed in the left column of the Submit Articles page.


We continue to see a trend in Authors not following the Article Submission Guidelines when submitting to the ConsciousWords Article Directory. The main discrepancy is advertising in the body of the article. We have in the past edited articles, such that, they comply with the standards. We will no-longer be providing this time consuming process.


Therefore, we will provide this detailed review so that we may resolve any questions as to the proper procedures. Then you will be responsible for following them to have your articles published.


Submission Guidelines:


  1. Author - Your author name will automatically insert into the article, as this is determined by your login and account name.
  2. Select a Category - Choose the best category for your article. Remember, there are many sub-categories in some of the most popular base categories.
  3. Article Title - As is typical with any Title in the Publishing Industry, your Title Must Be In Upper and Lower Case Letters With The First Letter of Each Major Word Capitalized:
    1. We do not accept ALL CAPS.
    2. We do not accept Author Name in the Title.
    3. Do not end your Title with a period.
    4. We accept common words in either Upper or Lower case, such as "a" - "the" - "to" - "for" - etc,
    5. Make your Title "keyword rich." This will send traffic to your article.



Correct: Achieving Success on the Internet in 5 Easy Steps

Correct: Achieving Success On The Internet In 5 Easy Steps

Incorrect: Achieving success on the internet in 5 easy steps



  1. Article Summary - This is usually a part of the first paragraph of your article body, but you can instead add a small description of what the article is about if your wish.
  2. Article Body - This is the main body of your article - it must deliver on what was promised in the Title of the article. The main purpose of an article should always be to engage the reader, by supplying useful information in the body of the article. This is where the author shares his or her expertise for the benefit of all. The article should always be focused on what can be shared with others to lead them in a direction of problem resolution or pure enjoyment. It's really all about giving in the body of the article:
    1. We do not allow advertising in the body of the article.
    2. The article must be a minimum of 350 words and a maximum of 750 words. If you want to write more, make it a two part article submission. An idea article is between 450-750 words. The exception to this rule is if your submission is "Poetry". Poetry articles can be a minumum of 50 words due to the nature of the writing. 
    3. Do not repeat the Title or Author Name in the body of the article.
    4. We do not accept email links in the body of the article.
    5. We do not accept website links in the body of the article.
    6. We do not accept any sales pitch in the body of the article.
    7. We do accept topic generalized discussions.
  3. Resource Box - This is where you receive by adding a little summary about yourself and up to three links to your website. Be sure to make your links with complete http URL to your site or as html links.
  4. Keywords - This entry is very important to you. By adding keywords, people can find your article through search engines. Keywords are words that relate to your article and its Title topic.
    1. Place your keywords in the keyword box in this fashion: publishing,enzine,art, - without any spaces between the keywords.
    2. If you use "long tail" keywords place a comma after each phrase in this fashion: tools for publishing,publishing for everyone,how to publish a book,time to publish


Last but not least, please check your spelling by selecting the "Check Spelling" button. Its good practice to check all articles submitted for spelling errors prior to submitting the article.


We certainly hope this helps you resolve the article submission difficulties experienced in the past. It is always our intent to make this process as straight forward and easy as possible.


If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email at


Best Wishes,


The ConsciousWords Team 

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