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January 27, 2009
Terry Swejkoski

Have you ever asked yourself, what really happens during an argument?

There are many ways to look at a situation, based upon personal perspectives, which of course is of the mind (ego). When we are in this egoic mode, we all make judgments, dependant on own personal stories or experiences. This is simply human nature, when we allow the ego to take control of our life-situation. When the ego is in control, the heart closes and our higher self is clouded by the egos manipulations.

Typically, then decisions are made out of fear, meaning not of the heart or love, but out of the subtle fears we all experience when the ego has control of our lower self. This illusion becomes very real for us. Therefore, it's easy to identify with it, which is what the ego wants us to do. Then we start to build our story around that fear, instead of just understanding that the ego is in control.

The way around this typical egoic life-situation, control drama, is simply to "do everything with love." When we are taking action based upon love or our higher self, the outcome becomes very different. Love will always overcome the egos dogma, but it's important to live in awareness to understand this truth. When awareness enters a life-situation the story changes, and then, the higher self can simply smile and step aside from the situation for a moment to allow the egos effects to diminish.

Stepping aside from the drama means to take a short recess from the life-situation. An example of awareness would be going to another room or making a statement like, "I really need to stop this discussion right now, because my ego is in control and I don't trust lower self, right now, to continue this discussion. We can pick it up again later, when my heart is open and the love I have for you is flowing from my higher self." By taking this simple action in awareness, it allows us to heal from whatever pain the ego has caused. Then we can come back to a discussion "In-Spirit, based upon love.

The ego will never allow you to see eye to eye on everything. And, the sad part about this is that our lower self justifies this by saying, we all have our own right to our view point. Of course, this is nothing more than more mind games, because the ego will always try to separate us. Whereas, the higher self or awareness will always bring us back to love. This is not to say "don't be yourself," it simply means be aware that we are all one and what hurts one, hurts all. So, do your best to keep the ego out of your decisions, perhaps the result will be rewarding!

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