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Terry Swejkoski

Letter from the Publisher - Why Publishing? 


One of the recurring questions I'm asked is, "How did you get involved in publishing, particularly on the Internet?" Well, there's a long story behind this, but to save your sanity, I'll give you the short version.


I've always loved to write. My particular style is to simply write the way I speak. Although, some grammar critics seem to enjoy tearing apart my style, I feel it's more important to get a message across, rather than worry about what the critics say. I suggest you do the same. The truth is, if you can speak, you can write. Most people that read are looking for either, enjoyment or a solution to a problem they would like to solve, or at least, gain a better understanding.


As an entrepreneur, I have enjoyed numerous successful careers in diversified industries including Automotive Engineering, Marine/Boating, Health & Fitness, Environmental, Spirituality,Residential Building and Self Improvement. One major component all of these areas have in common is they require a significant amount of writing. They also require a broad range of knowledge, but more importantly, a strategic methodology to get points across to diverse audiences. I learned about strategy while serving in the U.S. Marine Corps, and to this day I still implement a lot of what I learned there into every business venture. Although the industries I was involved in changed, the basic strategic format for each is the same.


Over the years, I've learned, the core of the economy in this country is only as strong as its people and the small businesses they support. The larger corporations have done more to hurt this valuable mix than they realize. We are learning more everyday about how corrupt and mismanaged many of the huge corporations are. Our economy has been on a downward slide for quite some time, and we are now seeing the results of what Corporate America has perpetuated.


I believe the solution is to reinstate the core values of what mainstream America knows is a winning combination. There is nothing stronger than people working hand and hand to support one other and the small businesses that gives them not only employment, but an opportunity to share their knowledge for the benefit of all. When the people's importance is put before the greed of huge corporate profit and executive bonuses, we feel a greater desire to share with one another. Whenever there is a crisis, people come together to assist one another in a way only an open heart can achieve. If you take the time to research small businesses, you will find most operate based upon strong personal values. Certainly profit is important, but only to fulfill the needs of the people working in the business, and to guarantee they will have a place to make a decent living in the future. I've found that most small businesses also share an open heart philosophy.


I feel by establishing a publishing company, which is focused on bringing people and small businesses together, with the same philosophy of helping one another, I am doing my small share in giving back what I have enjoyed over the years. If we can all work together and assist one another in any way possible, it will help to turn the economy around and return the trust we once had in one another.


Whether you are operating a small business, working for a small business or retired, you all have something to share. Your experiences in life and the knowledge you have achieved is of great value to others. By offering you a place on the Internet to connect with others World Wide, I hope to bring your expertise and opinions to light. Whether you simply want to share a story of interest or market a product (or yourself) the tools are now available to you in one simple location.


Please feel free to write about any topic of your choice. I guarantee your opinions and expertise will be rewarding for many others interested in your topic. Just remember, if you can talk, you can write, so start today. You will be surprised at how many new friends you make and the ripple effect you have on humanity.


So until the next time, be well and live your life consciously in awareness.




Terrance G. Swejkoski

Publisher, Spirit Publishing, LLC 

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