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Terry Swejkoski

Step 4 - The Inspired Writing Process


First a quick review:


Step 1 - Become peaceful


Step 2 - Select topic and points of interest


Step 3 - Change statements to questions


Step 4 is critical to changing your writing from mediocre to magical in "The Inspired Writing Process." The reason for that will become obvious in a few minutes. But first, think about how keeping a complete file of all your articles could easily help you to expand your topic into a book. Just ask yourself, "How much credibility would I gain with future articles if I actually had a book published on the topic too? Keep this in the back of your mind - We'll get back to it in detail later, it's important.


You were asked earlier to leave three blank lines under each question. Now you will find out why this is necessary for your writing to take a quantum leap in "The Inspired Writing Process." Read each of your questions for the article. Now, close your eyes and picture the best answer to that question. It will be easy for you to visualize the answer.


Now, open your eyes and write down three words that best describe the answer to your question. Not the best three word answer, but the actual three words that best describe the answer. It could be anything, a sight, a smell, a texture, a flavor, color, emotion, a living thing, anything at all, even a trip you took with the family.


Your three words will be totally unique to your minds eye. No-one else can come up with the exact same three words that best describe the answer to the question. Everyone will have their own variation, based upon their own perspective or vision, even if they had the same exact question.


So now the example from Step 3 would look something like this:


  1. Why are convertibles better than hardtop?

§         Freedom

§         Nature

§         Fresh


  1. Should I paint the car red?

§         Red

§         Standout

§         Favorite


  1. How Black-wall's do fit all models?

§         Blend

§         Dad

§         Rubber


The three words can now be used in a special way to answer the questions and bring a deeper awareness to your article, because it is based upon your own unique perspective. Ponder that for a while.


How can this step in "The Inspired Writing Process" be used to your advantage in other areas? Well, for one thing, if you are experiencing difficulty in coming up with new articles, you could read someone else's article and visualize your own questions and three words pertaining to that topic. Then you could write your own article based upon what you yourself visualized. Obviously, you will see something totally different than the original author did because you each have your own personal outlook, which is obviously based upon individual lifetime experiences.


In the next step you will learn what to do with the best three words to answer your question. The best part is that after the next step you will know how to write an "Inspired Article" within ten minutes.


Until next time, be happy and live in awareness...  

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Source: http://www.SpiritPublishingLLC.com

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