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Terry Swejkoski

Step 5 - The Inspired Writing Process 

First a quick review:  


Step 1 - Become peaceful  


Step 2 - Select topic and points of interest  


Step 3 - Change statements to questions  


Step 4 - Visualize answer to questions  


In Step 5, our final step, we will bring everything together in "The Inspired Writing Process." You will now start writing your articles in record time - guaranteed. The key is to follow all the steps in the exact order they have been presented. The most important part is the first step. If you do not clear your mind first by becoming peaceful, the usual constant clutter of the mind will reduce the effectiveness of "The Inspired Writing Process." It's the space in between the thoughts that all creativity resides. So, be still and become aware of your true self before you put pen to paper.  


Note: For the next step you will need a timer; something to set that is not distracting and allows you to be alerted at the end of a five minute period of time. (Please, do not use an egg timer; the constant ticking will decrease the effectiveness of the process.)  


Are you ready to start writing? Great...let's go.  


Look at your first question, see the answer to the question in your minds eye, and use the three keywords you previously selected.  


Set the timer for five minutes. You MUST begin your writing with one of the three keywords you used to best answer the question; now start writing. The other two words must appear in the first paragraph. Write as fast as you can without thinking. Do not edit yourself. Whatever comes into your mind should go directly on the paper or the keyboard. The faster you write, the better your writing will be!  


When the timer goes off at the end of the five minute period, you MUST stop your writing for that question. Next, if you want to you can continue by resetting the timer for additional five minute periods to answer all of your questions.  


Remember most articles will be comprised of only one to three questions. Therefore, each question will only require five minutes of actual writing. Use "The Inspired Writing Process" to answer all the questions, either one after another or take breaks in between, but answer all the questions in one sitting.  




Why are convertibles better than hardtops?  


§         Freedom  

§         Nature  

§         Fresh  


Freedom is a matter of perception that can only be justified based upon the experiences of the person making the observation. I feel freedom every time I step into my convertible. It allows me to experience the fresh smell of ocean breezes and offers the opportunity to feel connected with nature at its best.  


By using "The Inspired Writing Process" you will write approximately 320 words in a five minute period, or per question. That will be the equivalent of about two-thirds of a page. If you use two questions for each article you will complete your writing in ten minutes.  


Your article will be written exactly as you speak, rather than based upon how you think. This will bring an inspiring in-the-moment freshness to all of your articles. You will be amazed at the clarity of the article. It will require minimal, if any, editing because it is being written from your "higher-self," which is always true to your natural talents.  


The next thing you should consider is how to take "The Inspired Writing Process" forward in enhancing all your future publications including articles, special reports, magazines, mini-series, and yes - even books.  


The next thing you will learn is why the most important thing you can do to catapult your career into the future is to write a book - NOW!  


Until next time, be happy and live in awareness...  

The secret to inspired writing is not found in the egoistic mind...it's found through the ConsciousWords that come from the depth of your true higher self. Learn more about writing from an inspired state at http://SpiritpublishingLLC.com/TCCEPCW.html, where your guidance is derived from feelings...rather than a cluttered mind.

Source: http://www.SpiritPublishingLLC.com

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