Preparing Interesting Points for Writing
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Terry Swejkoski

Step 3 - The Inspired Writing Process 


First a quick review:  


Step 1 - Become peaceful


Step 2 - Select topic and points of interest


Now we can move on to the next step in "The Inspired Writing Process," which is "preparing the interesting points" of the topic for the actual writing. If you have multiple points of interest it will add clarity to the final published article and will provide the opportunity to reuse the article, combined with others, as a special report later. Then if you are really creative, you can use those special reports as chapters to actually develop a book on a particular area of interest. And, we all know that one of the fascinating rewards of publishing a book is that you become known as the expert in you chosen field of discussion.


Most writers' make the fatal error of developing statements as interesting points for the topic. Then they try to "think" about what to write about that statement.


Example: Topic - My Car. Statements: Convertibles are better than hardtops. Paint the car red. Black-wall's fit all models.


The solution to activating the creative resources within you is to simply change the statement to a question. Just remove the period and replace it with a question mark. Then at the beginning of the statement place an interrogative such as can, who, when, should, how to, etc.


The reason for this is because of the way the brain functions. It's far easier to respond to a question than it is to respond to a statement. If I asked you to write about the car you drive, you'd wonder why I told you to do so. You would have absolutely no-idea of what I wanted. However, if I asked you, "Why is it important for you to drive a convertible?" Now you have something to respond to. You can tell me a great deal about your personal preference in selecting the car you drive. So again, it's far easier to respond to a question than it is to respond to a statement.


So now our example statements in "question format" would read:


  • Why are convertibles better than hardtops?
  • Should I paint the car red?
  • How Black-wall's do fit all models?


This allows the mind to respond in greater detail, because it generates more questions and gets the creative juices flowing. These questions will prompt the mind to visualize a picture of the car.


Once you change all your statements to questions, leave three spaces below each question, which will prepare you for the next step.


Until next time, be happy and live in awareness...

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