Help Writing a Sympathy Note in 5 Simple Steps

The Key to Knowing What to Say - Memories, Laughter and Sharing!

Terry Swej By Terry Swej 

Memories are the key for anyone that needs help writing a sympathy note. When focused on memories, we allow ourselves to relive the laughter and sharing we had with the dearly departed. Even though the person is no longer with us physically, they will always live within us, through the wonderful memories we have of them.  


All life is a transient! Even before birth, when we were simply a thought in our parents mind, we were transforming. From birth to death we are constantly transforming from one level to the next. During our periods of growth we move from infancy to child to young adult, all the way through to grandparent. Every step of the way is filled with new wisdom and a new meaning of what life has in store for us in the current day. Death is no different; it is simply a transition from form to formless, a spiritual aspect of our existence. If we allow ourselves to see this as another step forward, then the grieving process becomes easier for the loved ones left behind. 


Yes, one of the most difficult things for most people to do is write a sympathy note. The reason for this is that although people want to be helpful and a source for comfort, they get hung up on "thinking" about what they want to say. If you really want to write a sympathy note that will get your feelings across, and be magical in content, follow these five simple steps: 


· Most importantly, stop thinking about what you want to say. Totally clear your mind; now visualize yourself with the person that has transitioned out of the body into the spirit realm.       

· Remember what it felt like during the most cherished times you spent with that person. Consciously see yourself in that past moment in time. Get in touch with your feelings and then open your heart to the way you are feeling.        

· Simply open yourself up to feelings. Once you are in touch with your feelings of joy, visualize in your minds eye, the three best words that describe your feelings. Pretend you are talking to that person and share what you feel when you are with them. Describe for them how you feel being with them by sharing some past significant times together that left outstanding memories.          

· If you are the person that needs help writing a sympathy note, write your note in the first person so that it has the best personalized affect. Write exactly as you would speak to the departed in person.       

· Start your writing with one of the three words from you visualization and use the other two within the first paragraph. Do not think about what you want to say. Write in free-form style, without thinking. Forget about what sounds good. Simply write fast for five minutes, no more. Leave the literary critic out of your writing; you can always edit later if necessary. Keep you words flowing from the heart, without thinking about what want to say. Using the three words that best describe how you feel will make your words unforgettable.       


The key to remembrance is embracing the beauty of life's memories, laughter and sharing, which will always be part of you.

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