What Most Authors Forget When Publishing
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Terry Swejkoski

Most authors forget the importance of letting their readers know just how important they are to them. It's really not about you, the author; it's all about the reader. Showing your appreciation in some small way will let the reader know your whole purpose for writing in the first place is to share your knowledge with the world. 


Seven (7) Tips for Staying Connected with Your Readers:


  1. Give away something you've previously published - You've already put the time into writing your story, why not give at least a couple of chapters away free to someone that needs a lift.
  2. Always provide some means for letting your readers contact you - People like to share their thoughts about a topic. Give them a way to contact you once they get your publication.
  3. Just be yourself, remember we can all use one more friend - All of your current friends were strangers prior to meeting them, so get involved with your readers; share your thoughts and feelings.
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback...readers love to let you know what they think - Make it a point to respond personally to just one person each day. You will be amazed at what this one thoughtful act does for both of you.
  5. Send out a quick survey, most people enjoy these - If you are too busy to respond to all your reader email, at least take a survey to see what they think. Then answer the major topics in a professional manner.
  6. If something new is coming, let your subscribers know ahead of time before you publish it - It's always nice to have something to look forward to.
  7. Give your readers a brief personal history about yourself...let them get to know you - People like to know who the author really is, not just the PR sent out by your marketing team.

Through writing we share our life experiences, business expertise and positive influences with one another. We open a form of communication that touches people at the very core of their being.


There are people searching the internet daily looking for solutions to their problems. You may be the source to help them achieve "peace of mind" simply by offering your expertise on any given subject.


By publishing, we have the ability to reach out to a never ending audience, utilizing the powerful resources we now have at our disposal. This includes the ConsciousWords Article Directory, where you have the capability of reaching everyone on the Internet, Worldwide. The benefits of signing up for your personalized author account will reward you for years to come. Sign up today at the ConsciousWords Article Directory.


So until the next time, be well and live your life consciously in awareness... 

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Source: http://www.SpiritPublishingLLC.com

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