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Terry Swejkoski

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Satisfying your expectations is what I hope to achieve by building a relationship with you. I realize how valuable your time is and promise to make your experience with our team a rewarding one. So please have patience while I explain our business format and how you can use it to your advantage.


ConsciousWords is the "Writing Department" for Spirit Publishing, LLC. This department is focused primarily on solutions for authors. Here you are provided a place to publish your articles through the ConsciousWords Article Directory porthole. Also, you will receive a newsletter focused on writing tips and feedback from our many authors. Most of what you receive is based upon responding to the actual challenges our authors face on a daily bases. This is why we stress the importance of communication with us through our email system.


The primary website offers additional exposure for your niche area of expertise. This is accomplished by randomly publishing "Featured Articles" directly on the primary pages of the website. These articles receive higher levels of exposure due to the natural level of "personal involvement" with us. Your article could appear there at anytime based upon the hot topics of the month. If you feel a particular article should be published on the primary website let us know why and we will take it into consideration.


We also support you by offering an "Audio Article" service. There your article will appear as an audio file, as well as in text format. At this moment this is a "Beta" program, which will be expanded if it receives the anticipated level of author requests for this service.


These are the contact locations pertaining to ConsciousWords:


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Spirit Publishing, LLC


The parent company, Spirit Publishing, LLC, is the business/publishing and strategic side of our organization. This area of the company is mainly focused on establishing higher awareness business relationships, and as a natural progression some personal ones, too.


Our philosophy is simple, we believe in helping others to succeed. This is accomplished by supplying information or key guidelines that will reconnect you with your true higher self. You will consciously follow steps detailed in the "Conscious Clarity Newsletter" that will re-teach you how to always be peaceful in all aspects of your business and personal relationships. I have personally found this to be very rewarding after learning from past experiences how the ego will attempt to control your life if you allow it to do so. You now have the opportunity to learn how spiritual entrepreneur leadership can change your life in ways you never thought possible.


Spirit Publishing, LLC is in alignment with source energy and is focused on conducting business from a spiritually inspired aspect, rather than the demands of ego. Times are changing; people are realizing their highest potential by simply following the belief that we are all intrinsically interconnected as one. The reward is a life of abundance in both business and personal development. If you have the same belief, you will feel right at home within our organization.


These are the contact locations pertaining to Spirit Publishing, LLC:


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You may find it beneficial to subscribe to both newsletters. Remember, the ConsciousWords location is focused primarily on writing; while the Spirit Publishing, LLC location is focused on business/personal evolution based upon a spiritually inspired philosophy. Though the newsletters may differ in content, they will both help you to achieve a more fulfilling life.


I look forward to being of service to you!


Best Wishes,


Terrance G. Swejkoski



Spirit Publishing, LLC 

The secret to inspired writing is not found in the egoistic's found through the ConsciousWords that come from the depth of your true higher self. Learn more about writing from an inspired state at, where your guidance is derived from feelings...rather than a cluttered mind.


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